General information about Jordan

Hospitality is a corner pillar of the Arabian culture!
It is a normality to welcome foreign parts in the house for Jordanian families.
This tradition arose because of the situation full of privation in the desert in which no traveler could survive without meal, water and accommodation for a long time. Identically where you are away in Jordan, you get to hear becoming fairly often one "welcome" connected with an invitation for a meal or for a cup of tea.

Best time for travelling:

The Mediterranean climate makes Jordan the whole year the time for travelling.
Amman of May till October sunny and cloudless (approx. 23 degrees Celsius).
Aqaba and the Jordan valley are ideal destinations with average temperatures around 16° to 22 degrees Celsius for the winter between November and April.
It hardly ever rains in the region around Aqaba and in the desert.

Travelers' Health
Health and prophylaxis:

  • Bird flu virus
    In Jordan the virus was not proven yet in humans. Most cases of H5N1 influenza in humans are thought to have occurred from direct contact with infected poultry in affected countries. Contact with sick or dead poultry as well as with poultry that have no apparent symptoms should be avoided. Contact with surfaces that may have been contaminated by poultry feces or secretions should also be avoided.
    To protect yourself avoid poultry farms, bird markets, and other places where live poultry is raised or kept.
    Meals, which were heated up on over 70 degrees, can be eaten heedlessly.
  • Infections by contaminated meals or beverages
    Hepatitis A, typhoid fever, diarrhea and vomiting or worm-related diseases will be transfered by contaminated meals and beverages.
    To protect yourself do not eat food purchased from street vendors or food that is not well cooked to reduce risk of infection. Do not drink beverages with ice (No ice please!). Avoid dairy products, unless you know they have been pasteurized.
  • Malaria
    There is no risk

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