Thailand - Adventure and Relaxation

Come with me into a fantastic country in the middle of Asia. It unites all extremes into itself and will have you left unforgettably.
Gaze in admiration at the proverbial hospitality of the thai opposite any guest who brings a little interest for its country.

Thailand - Bangkok, die Hauptstadt Thailands Thailand - Bangkok, MetropoleIf one leaves the airport in Bangkok, one suddenly is in a city which doesn't need to shun the comparison with other metropolises in the world. Typical city noise and waste gases of the traffic never drying up surround us.

Daring entrust himself to one Tuc-Tuc at, the typical means of locomotion in Bangkok. The drivers of these vehicles still find a way in the greatest jam, too. To accomplish the goal as fast as possible, underground car parks and dooryards are used.

bangkok3 tuktuk float4

palace1 palace2

The big palace is one of the most beautiful copies of an ancient Siamese court.
A part serves the king of Thailand as residence and government building with throne room, royal guesthouse and coronation hall. The other part contains the beautiful Emerald Buddha temple.

You may not miss the visit of the floating markets in the Klongs of Bangkok. The everyday life happens on the water here. Whether food, clothes or everyday object everything is offered for sale here. The coconut cookies which are baked on the boats are having a exquisite taste.

  float1 float2 float3
In the evening we went for shopping into the Patpong Road with innumerable stands which offer everything which must be bought expensively in Europe; whether it is brand clothes, clocks or jewelry, everything is to have cheaply here. Of course one should look at these imitations on good processing and quality to not experience a surprise later. On the left and on the right you can find nightclubs at the Patpong Road but restaurants and discotheques also can be found here.

bridge1 train1 bridge2
train2With a "floating restaurant" we drive along the River Kwai to the bridge at the Kwai.

In the 2nd World War it was disputed hotly and finally destroyed.
Today, it is built up again in its original form.

Also other relics of this time still have to be gazed in admiration. The dead man way, a railroad track, was build in the war under unutterable efforts by war caught along the river. It served the Japanese army as a supplies way primarily for food and war material.

A special experience expected us in Sai Yok at the River Kwai.
We spent some days in houseboats in the middle of the jungle of Thailand. No electrical energy, no water pipe. We went to a nearby waterfall for taking a shower.

boot1 boot2 boot4

Without the blessings of technology even a walk becomes an adventure over deck with kerosene lamp at night. The noises of the jungle and this splash of the river accompanied us into the sleep.

boot3 boot5 boot7

boot6We drove great flowed on the river to the places to go for an outing. Without engine noise one has a experiencing these terribly romantic surroundings completely differently.

An unforgettable experience was a ride with the elephant by the jungle of Thailand. These "pachyderms" unwaveringly are looking for their way through the wilderness.
This was a worthy conclusion of our three-day Tripp in the north by the jungles.


phuket2 phuket1 schneider
phuket3 phuket6By airplane it worked to the next place of our journey. After an hour flying time we landed on Phuket. We moved into our hotel at the Patong Beach. Three kilometers of a lovely sandy beach invite us to taking a bath or jogging.
In the evening innumerable restaurants, street markets, beer bars and discotheques lure us.

Most tailors in Thailand are Indians. You can get a custom-made suit after 2 to 3 days. I can confirm the good quality from my own experience.

phuket5 phuket7 phuket4

A tour is worthwhile also on Phuket, the next aim of our trip.
Colorful temples reflect the faith of the thai again because the temples are financed only from donations of the population.

Sometimes one wonders how these donations are possible at all if one looks at the circumstances, many thai live which. Mostly, you see faces, only smiling identical where you stay.


pattaya1 pattaya4 pattaya5 pattaya2 pattaya3
We experience the conclusion of this tour in Pattaya. This seaside resort, 120 km south of Bangkok, seethes before lives. Whether during the day or at night everybody gets here a little advisable. The miniatures are remarkable in "Little Siam", a park with miniatures of famous buildings of the world. One can get a goose-flesh also in the crocodile park if the protagonists perform their foolhardy tricks with the reptiles.

In the evening you can find numerous international restaurants. I find the Thai cooking the best, though. It is seasoned very healthily but also sometimes very sharply, a good pad for a couple of drinks at one of the beer bars which numerously are available here.
Also the visit of one of the travesty shows in the Alcazar or Simons are very much recommend. One sees the most beautiful "girls" of Thailand in fantastic outfits at the imitation of international stars here.

pattaya6 family family1Thailand has become my favorite under the vacation destinations. Nowhere I have else been allowed to earn so much hospitality.
I hope that I still can pay many visits to this country.

Sawadee and till soon in the country "of the opens."


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